The Washington Growers League is a non-profit, non-partisan association that provides services and support to agricultural employers in Washington State as well as representation on critical agricultural labor and employment issues.

Washington Growers League Mission Statement


To represent and protect the interests of its members on labor and employment issues.  The League takes an active role in educating and informing members, legislators, regulators, the public, and the media on such topics as farm worker occupational safety and health, workforce development, immigration, wage and hour laws, farm worker housing, labor relations, and labor management skills.  The League provides its members with compliance tools, publications and training for employers, managers and employees.  The League also provides legal services, consultation and advocacy for its members.


Expert Labor & Employment Help

The Washington Growers League is a reliable expert source for information on regulatory changes, compliance assistance, labor management, and safety requirements.



The Washington Growers League works diligently to promote an environment beneficial to its members and the broader ag industry, representing ag employers on critical agricultural labor and employment issues through strategic government affairs and industry mobilization.  Policy and positions are set by the WGL Board of Trustees, and the Government Affairs Committee.


The Washington Growers League provides its ag employer members with access to resources, updates and expert assistance in navigating complicated regulations to ensure compliance.  Every year, hundreds of legislative and regulatory changes affect agricultural employers in Washington State and it can be difficult to keep up with compliance.  From new Worker Protection Standard (WPS) requirements to OSHA requirements, the Growers League is your go-to source to assist with compliance and manage the complicated labor and employment issues facing all agricultural employers today.

WGL members have available to them an extensive collection of labor and employment compliance programs, forms, and other resources in the labor management section of the members content section of the website.


Seasonal Housing Facilities

Washington Growers League develops, owns and operates multiple safe and affordable seasonal housing facilities for year-round workforce needs.

mattawa slope

Mattawa, WA

Sage Bluff

Malaga, WA

Brender Creek

Cashmere, WA

Become a Member

Members of the Washington Growers League can rely on assistance from a professional staff with expertise in the legal, housing and safety requirements unique to the agricultural industry.